Where did it all begin? This is our story.

I’m a web developer by trade. While I do not have a degree in astrophysics, can’t explain telemetry, and needed a refresher on which way latitude and longitude run, I have a passion for all things space.

Despite my intrigue with space, I am just a human; aren’t we all? Being human is hard, but it comes with its perks. As humans, we love, we connect, we explore, we are capable of greatness, we smile, we cry, we #hashtag everything, and most importantly, we have opposable thumbs. One of humanity’s greatest accomplishments is its ability (and need) to come together. And it truly makes me happy. Just ask my girlfriend, who will confirm that I have been known to shed a tear when I see people coming together. Whether it’s two people falling in love, a couple becoming a family, a person helping someone in need, an audience singing along at a concert, a crowd cheering at an arena, or our country coming together during rough times, there is nothing I appreciate more about humanity than this phenomenon.

I had a goal when creating My Sky Printshop. I wanted to bring people together by showing how similar we are in these moments of pure humanity. How although we all have our own unique origin story that is worth celebrating, we are all one human race and we all call this big blue marble home. The idea is simple. Pinpoint that moment when you connected, when your heart skipped a beat, when you beat the odds, when you joined forces, when you took that leap of faith, when you created life— and share it with those you love.

Using state-of-the-art solar system mapping technology, matched with a buttery-smooth user experience, and tons of customizable options, My Sky Printshop allows one of these beautiful, human moments to be commemorated and remembered forever.

Thank you for taking this exciting journey with us, for existing on this beautiful planet, and for allowing us to bring the universe into your homes.

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